Reflexionsfolien, Entlaubung oder Biostimulanzien – Methoden zur Intensivierung der Deckfarbe beim Apfel der Sorte ‚Braeburn Hillwell‘ im Vergleich


This work aimed to compare the methods for improving the fruit quality and particularly fruit colour in bi-coloured apple cultivars. The influence of a reflective film (type Lumilys® WH110, Beaulieu, Belgium), a biostimulant (Stimplex®, Arcadian Seaplants, Canada), summer pruning as well as defoliation with and without retaining the shoot tips was investigated four weeks before harvest as part of this bachelor thesis. The treatments were divided into six plots, including untreated trees, which were used as control trees. The reflective film was laid out in the grass alleyways on 1st September about six weeks before harvest. Trees were defoliated on 17th September and harvested 19th October 2020.