Vom Fuße des Himalaya – Wertschöpfungskette Äpfel in Indien


With nearly 2.3 mil t apple cultivation on 314,000 ha, India ranks as the 5th largest apple producer worldwide, but amounts to only 2.4% of India’s overall fruit production. Apple cultivation is traditionally concentrated in the provinces Jammu and Kaschmir (ca. 70%), Himachal Pradesh (ca. 20%), Uttarakhand (ca. 10%) und Arunachal Pradesh in the foothills (1000 to 3500 m) of the Himalayan mountains with 800–1600 CH provides sufficient chilling. Despite low yields of an averaged 10 t/ha, apple of the ‘Red Delicious’ group is an economic crop—relative to vegetables—for smallholder farmers. The fruits are transported 4 to 8 days per truck sometimes on poor roads and without cooling to their destination, whereas imported fruit arriving at a port benefit from shorter inland transport and cool chain. Lack of harvest techniques, storage facilities, refrigerated transport and protective packaging results in considerable losses along the domestic apple supply chain.